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Perfect Pitch Golf Mat- Men’s

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The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat teaches you the perfect short game setup, helps you develop a better short game, and gives you more confidence around the greens than ever before.

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“Trouble with your chipping and pitching? See your PGA professional, as they say. But those not inclined to do so, consider this: A good short game starts with the proper setup.”
John Strege- Golf Digest


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“The Perfect Pitch is a great example that it doesn’t always have to be about the bells and whistles when it comes to training aids.”
James Miles- The Hackers Paradise


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“After an hour on the mat, I was amazed at how much help it was. Even if you are a seasoned golfer, there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics and having a tool to force you to “do it right”.”
Ken Lee- Bunkers Paradise

“The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is a great guide for any golfer that wants to become more consistent with their short game. A solid starting point is key to good shots and this mat makes it easy.”
Rob- PGA Professional


“My short game has always been my downfall, but after using the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat for a few months I’m seeing more consistency around the greens. It’s amazing how much easier it is when you setup the same way every time.”
Austin, 21 Handicap


“Even as a lower handicap golfer it is always good to work on the details. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat gives me a great visual guide to keep my setup sharp.”
Alan- 4 Handicap


“I can’t always make it out to the course so I like to practice around the house in the evenings. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat makes my indoor practice much more effective by grooving a consistent setup.”
Mike- 12 Handicap




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3 Ways the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Makes You a Better Golfer

Teaches You the Perfect Setup

If you want to have a great short game, you must have a great setup. The main fundamentals of a great short game setup are aim, foot position, ball position, and distance from the ball. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat teaches you the correct way to do this each time making your chip, pitch, sand, and flop shots more consistent.

Makes Your Practice More Effective

If you want to have a great short game, you have to practice. The problem with most golfers is they practice the wrong things. To be effective your practice must focus on fundamentals. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat forces you to practice the proper setup resulting in better short game shots.

Let’s You Practice Anywhere

If you want to have a great short game, you have to put in reps. The more you do it the better it works. The reality is your life is busy and you can’t always make it to the golf course. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat let’s you practice in the basement, garage, or backyard as well as the golf course. More reps give you a better short game.




  1. :

    Anytime I give a golf lesson most of the effort goes into working on the stance, aim, ball position and setup in general. It gets old but that’s what you have to do to hit good shots.

    I like the Perfect Pitch mat because it has everything right in front of you. Stance, aim, ball position, distance from the ball. I’ve been using it for all my short game lessons and it’s a big time saver for me and the students.

  2. :

    The national handicap would go down several shots if everyone was using on the perfect pitch mats. If you setup the wrong way you will struggle and the mat shows the same way to setup as any good golf instructor would teach.

  3. :

    I’ve had a few weird looks from people when I took the mat out to the range. Probably because they haven’t seen anything like it before. Despite this the mat has really helped my short game. I feel more comfortable around the green after using it.

  4. :

    It’s amazing what happens when you put your feet and golf ball in the same spot every time. It’s so much easier to hit good shots.

  5. :

    The mat works. I’ve trimmed 4 shots off my game after a couple months and most of it is due to better chip and pitch shots.

  6. :

    Any golf instructor will tell you that you have to setup the right way to hit good shots. This mat makes it almost impossible to mess up with the colored foot and ball markers.

  7. :

    I setup pretty much the same way the mat tells you too so it hasn’t done a lot for me. I still use it to practice off of though.

  8. :

    I’ve only been playing golf a few years and like hitting at the range more than practicing my short game because the range is easier. After using the mat I’m having better results with chipping. The way it makes me set my feet is different than I was used to but I guess it’s a good thing because the shots are getting better.

  9. :

    I’m a lower handicapper with a pretty good short game. I wasn’t looking for a lot of improvement but I got the mat to practice in the garage with. It’s served it’s purpose plus it’s kind of cool to have the colored markers.

  10. :

    The cool thing about this mat is that you know you are practicing the right way. I do like to practice my short game but was more worried about the shot than the setup. Using the mat takes that doubt away and lets me know everything is set correctly.

  11. :

    I like it! Gives you clear feedback on where everything needs to be. The paint will wear a bit over time but it’s not a big issue.

  12. :

    When I first started using the mat I was a little concerned that it had my feet too close together. I felt different but I did start seeing better shots. I also watched some golf on TV and noticed most of the pros keep their feet close when chipping. Different than how I used to do it but that is a good thing.

  13. :

    Good product. The paint will wear a bit over time but I like the practice I’m getting with it.

  14. :

    Big fan of the mat. I use it at the practice green and at home and have seen much better pitch shots.

  15. :

    Very good product. I use it at home at night to practice. Having the visual feedback of the setup has really helped me.

  16. :

    I have all sorts of golf gadgets and this is probably the most simple to use. Just put it down and hit off of it. It gives you a good idea of where everything should be.

  17. :

    I used to help teach junior golf and we would paint lines on the ground to show the kids how to set their feet and ball. This is the same thing expect they have put it on a mat that you can use any where. I’ve enjoyed having the visual feedback.

  18. :

    Simple idea. It’s the same concept as putting sticks on the ground but seems to work a little better because it’s already set for you.

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